#BCM110: Representation and Interpretation


This week’s topic is Representation and Interpretation of texts.

For this week, we will be learning how to decode images using Semiotic theory.


Simple Explanation – Signs, Signifers, Signified

John Oliver – Arbitrary Sign Trump

Bells The Reader Commercial

How images can cause controversy – what meanings might this image have for different audiences?

Ideology Explained

Equinox Campaign – an example of a complex image

ACTIVITY: In pairs, interpret one of these images as a practice for this week’s blog post:

This week’s blogging assignment:

-Locate an example of a complex image

-Discuss the denotation (what is there) and the connotation (what it means)

-Is it possible to read this image in more than one way?

Recommended reading – Semiotics for beginners

CST120: Reading the beach

‘Byron Bay Beach’ by Rob Deutscher Under License CCBY2.0


Focus Questions:

– what is the significance of the beach to Australian identity?
– what do you understand by the ‘symbolic meaning’ of the beach?
– what does Fiske mean when he says the beach is a text?
– how do we ‘read’ the beach?
– According to Fiske what is the difference between nature, and the natural?