CST120: The Happiness Industry

Happiness by flickr user Davide D’Amico licensed under CC-BY-NC2.0


What makes you happy? Would you rate yourself as being happy?

Try this:



Denmark has it all figured out!


Do you think they have the balance right?


Focus questions:

– How has happiness become a business?

– how does happiness intersect with consumption?

– how is unhappiness culturally coded?
– what is affective labour, and why is it important?
Read this:
– what are the main points raised in this article?
– what do you think?


CST120: Work

Work Work Work Work Work Work

– What do you think of, when you think of work? (how does the idea of work shape society?)

Focus Questions:

– what is the cultural significance of work?

– how does technology enable work? What changes in work has it enabled?

– why is there not more resistance to work?

-what is the role of gender in relation to work?

– What is the protestant work ethic?

What do you expect/hope for from work?