#BCM241: Cinemas – Strangers in Public

Ghost Audience – Heath Harris Under CCBY-NC-SA 2.0

Hagerstrand’s three human constraints… and carpool karaoke with FLOTUS

  • Capability (can I get there?)
  • Coupling (can I get there at the right time?)
  • Authority (am I allowed there?)

Hagerstrand’s Time Geography: http://escholarship.org/uc/item/2t75b8sj#page-1

Further reading: Jancovich, M. (2011) “Time, Scheduling and Cinema Going”. Media International Australia. No 139: p 88-95.


Cinema spaces

Audience participation at cult cinema events is counter to the typical discourse on cinema viewing:

The end of cinema?


or the evolution of the ‘cinema event’?

Cinema as a consumption of place (see Hubbard, 2003) – Gold class, boutique cinemas.

Consider the consumption of space this week, as we ask you to plan and attend the cinema – how did Hagerstrand’s constraints come into play?

Welcome! 2015 … Under Construction

Welcome to 2015!
I’m looking forward to a new year of teaching starting next week, as much as I have enjoyed working on my own research over the holidays.
In the meantime, here is a paper which was published over summer in the 2014 Conference Proceedings from the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ) Conference. I look forward to hearing your comments!


Rock cult/pop cult: The continuing influence of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on popular cult/ure