#BCM110: The Media Industries and Ownership

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This week we will be examining Media Ownership.

1. Media ownership in Australia is extremely concentrated (this explains the situation in 2013) – a more updated version here discussing recent changes to legislation in Australia, impacting ownership.

2. Fears about media ownership being concentrated in the hands of the few can be traced back to the 1930’s and Hitler’s use of propaganda

3. In modern society there is an additional cause of anxiety for democratic societies – anyone with an internet connection and/or a camera can make and spread propaganda, which is then picked up and spread through mainstream media channels.

4. Look at these images of headlines from The Daily Telegraph (owned by News Corp/Murdoch) – what ideologies are present?

sundaytelegraph-20130901-350           kick_this_mob_out








5. There are also issues regarding the moral conduct of the media –  News of the World Scandal


Case Studies:

News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal Explainer:


(A bonus Hugh Grant video):

Cambridge Analytica/Facebook Scandal Explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDR8qGmyEQg

 How citizen journalism is changing media:



In groups – using one of these examples –  think critically and answer – does it matter who owns the media?


Blog post for the week:

Your blog topic for this week is all about media ownership and why it matters.

Who ‘owns’ and/or ‘controls’ the media you use to access your ‘news’?Why does this matter?

What trust do you have in your news sources?

Recommended Reading: (log in to UOW library for access) McCutcheon and Pusey Media Moguls or Moneymen?


Resources on this week’s academic skills:

Critical thinking and writing

Giving peer feedback