CST120: taste


Banquet Still Life (1644) Adriaen van Utrecht

– What discourses do you notice depicted in this sequence?
-What do you notice here – what, and who might be missing?
Focus Questions – think about these, referring to one or more of the weekly readings:
What are the similarities in the discourses employed for travel and food writing?

How is ‘taste’ related to class identities?

How is taste conditioned by ideas?

What is ‘ethnic’ food and what makes it culturally desirable?

What is ‘slow food’ (as understood by the foodie), and what makes it desirable?

Taste Discussion points – Wed 830 Class


BCM210: critical judgement

Statistics by Jeremy Keith Licensed under CCBY2.0

‘Statistics’ by Jeremy Keith  – Licensed under CCBY2.0



Are you addicted to statistics?

  1. http://www.socialmediatoday.com/social-business/30-social-media-marketing-stats-2017-infographic

2. http://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/fact-finders/infographics/australian-audiences-are-watching-online


CST120: Travel

Traveler not Tourist - spotted in a window in Amsterdam image: Renee Middlemost

Traveler not Tourist – spotted in a window in Amsterdam Image: Renee Middlemost

Focus Questions:

– What is the importance of travel? Is it important?

– What is the gaze, and how does it shape our travel encounters?

– How does tourism relate to the notion of departure?

-What is the difference between a traveler and a tourist? What does this say about value judgements?

– According to Boorstin, how has the notion of adventure changed, and how does the ‘pseudo-event’ come about?

– What is the distinction between the authentic and the inauthentic? Is Disneyland a ‘real’ place?



Additional reading:


BCM212 social responsibility: links


Wake Up America by Wonderlane used under license CCBY2.0











CST120: Reading the beach

‘Byron Bay Beach’ by Rob Deutscher Under License CCBY2.0


Focus Questions:

– what is the significance of the beach to Australian identity?
– what do you understand by the ‘symbolic meaning’ of the beach?
– what does Fiske mean when he says the beach is a text?
– how do we ‘read’ the beach?
– According to Fiske what is the difference between nature, and the natural?






CST120: Introduction and Australia Day


Australia (A.K.A. Vegemite) by Vincent Brown licensed CCBY2.0

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Australia Day – some useful links: